Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Look of the Moment

Fashion has become clearer again for me, at least in menswear. I was looking for the next look of the moment, and while I had been feeling larger, pleated pants with tapered, rolled up ankles, and bigger shirts, I wasn't necessarily thinking of them together. Ironically, I was already doing them together, because the proprtions just seem right, but it was never something conscious. I recently debated over buying some Christopher Kane shirts on sale, because I really loved the print (something else I championed over Fall last year that has burgeoned into a full-blown fashion statement), but I could not bring myself to buy a small size despite it being my normal size for the past several years, because it was too slim and short. Well, I purchased the large, and with the way it hung off of me, I couldn't be happier. Gone are the days of body conscious fashion - it's all about a sense of ease that, while harking back to the 80s, is a bit more lived in. And seeing my friend Robert at his birthday party dressed in a similar way (as was I, with a loose, blousey shirt tucked in to a pair of carrot fit pleated jeans), and seeing a waiter dressed up so casually in the above getup, but in a way that was just so effortless, cinched it for me.

Also, SO glad to not draw spa women for once!

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