Friday, November 11, 2011


I wanted to draw something significant for 11.11.11, but to be honest, I was feeling rather unhappy and kinda useless today. I always get that way when I'm sick, and I hate taking drugs so my prescription was adding to my drama, and I was going to just do something prosaic. But I've been thinking about finishing this painting that I started in the early/mid 90s. I've been thinking of finishing up a lot of loose ends lately, and this was one of them, as you could see by my previous glove studies. Well, after doing a couple more studies today, I looked at the watercolor sheet and just put down paint. Granted, it's not a great rendering of leather gloves, but in my defense, I think by looking at this painting I never knew how to paint leather anyhow (at least, not in watercolor). But after over a decade, quite possibly nearly 2 decades, it's nice to finally sign this piece off as done. Do I like it? Well, originally it was supposed to be a fierce 90s era woman, but frankly, it looks like a drag queen. Although like a lot of drag queens, at least her makeup is flawless.

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