Sunday, March 25, 2012


I spent almost the entire day at a fashion photoshoot. The photographer and I were thinking of collaborating on a creative project together, and this editorial looks to be our premiere effort. Featuring one of my favorite male models today, it was a Spring/Summer cover shoot that I got to sit in on and sketch as it took place. As such the drawings are very quick and almost rudimentary, to try and quickly capture the essence of the shots and the session. I call it illustrative reportage, or Illustreportage, if you will. It was a very long day for me starting with this shoot in Williamsburg, then getting to Manhattan to get to the gym before heading into Brooklyn Heights for dinner before finally presenting logo designs to a client in China (via Skype). Which is my way of saying I'll upload shots of my notebook later. :)

edit: aaand here we are.

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