Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shape 9

I was really happy with my drawing the other day. I thought it was pretty much done, save for maybe a few refinements here and there. Then I looked at my shadows and realized, my light sources weren't consistent. Yikes! I rationalized that I had a some sort of fill light on his face, but it was just too strong and distinct, and completely at odds with how I 'lit' his suit. Ugh, I'm such a moron sometimes. So I had to make a choice which element to follow, his suit or his face, and I went with the suit. I really worked on the suit without an actual direct reference, so it's really me drawing almost completely from memory, but culling a fold here, a shape there, and then adjusting it to my pose and style.

So this is me correcting the face (as well as slimming the suit to match the Raf Simons one it was based on). I'm certainly not done, I'm not happy with how his head is lit, but it's moving to more consistency...