Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rainer 15

I finished Desmond, now I need to get a move on Rainer.

I think I'm really bad at initial proportions when it comes to portraits. When doing it from a photo especially, it's always about laying down a line or a daub of color, and seeing how it relates to the next line, and how those two relate to the next daub,etc, etc. Well, when I lay in a rough, I can get a likeness pretty well, but it's as I get into the fine details that my skills taper off. I'm in awe of people who can sketch out an outline then fill it in with shadows, and the proportions are perfect. Me, I have to cut and paste parts and shrink them down (thank gawd I do this digitally!) instead of repainting an entire feature, but there's a lot of retooling. And it's usually things I cant see while I'm hard at work, so I often find it useful to abandon drawings for a day or more, then come back with fresh eyes. Then my work isn't so precious to me that I'll resist changing things wholesale...

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