Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bewitched Zone

While I still don't have my replacements can,  watching a lot of TV. There's a Twilight  Zone marathon on (they're calling it a binge now - which is s more au courant way to call it) and there was a episode starring Elizabeth Montgomery who looked amazingly modern as a futuristic soldier trapped in a ruin with an  in recognizable young Charles Bronson.

Edit: 06.11.15

I just realized that now as I'm rebuilding my old desktop, I never got to put sketches on these entries. I can't recall if I drew them on paper quickly and never got around to realizing them fully, but here's a from-memory drawing of Elizabeth Montgomery's character, later helped out by a screen cap from the show. I realize she looks very much like a Phil Noto drawing. I wonder if hedraws upon that look more directly than I think...?

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