Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Scratchy 70s Inks

Pinterest turned me on to some vintage fashion illustrations that struck a chord with my already burgeoning interest in a fine but uneven ink line for fashion illustration. And since Kyle Webster has so many fab new ink brushes, I thought Id take a stab at it. The woman's face is part Cara Delevigne, part Eva Green, part Susan Dey. Oh, and she's wearing Celine. I saw it in the window yesterday and i just LOVED that stiff godet/flange element.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I've been trying Kyle's brushes.
And thanks a lot for writing down the particular brush
in use "kyle's badass inker"

George G said...

I write them down so I don't forget either - when you try so many brushes, sometimes you forget to take note of them for future use. I highly suggest it.