Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Seeing Stars

Went to see the Rupert Everett Oscar Wilde play, The Judas Kiss, at BAM tonight. But if I'm really honest, it's the nudity of the pretty-much-perfect Tom Colley on stage that was the highlight of the play. Completely naked and on display for 20 minutes of the second act, the man's body is a wonder, the butt (pun not intended) of 'large cock' jokes that he totally lives up to. On the one hand, he hardly gets any stage time as anything but a target for Everett's Wilde's sexual commentary, but many a career has been built off of being the object of lust on screen and off. Here's hoping we may see more for the stunning Colley in the future.

Drawing based on a press pic, because I had a more frontal view the whole time. Guess the seats we bought were perfect. ;)

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