Monday, January 2, 2017

Sunny & Bright

I was wondering what my first new drawing of the New Year should be, and I started out by working with some picture references of poses I had wanted to study. I decided to work on my 3/4 view, upward-lifted facial angle. But the pics were of guys with serious model-y expressions, so I drew in a smile (I was quite proud of myself because I extrapolated the right details to draw the smiling mouth without a reference) which changed the whole drawing. Suddenly I went from doing a fashion-y drawing to more of a Bruce Weber type pin up guy. Dunno if I'll finish him beyond these rough pencils but we shall see. For now he's bright and sunny, he's smiling, he's looking up towards the future, and he's getting nekkid. Sounds like the makings of a Happy New Year to me!

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