Sunday, July 1, 2018

Aahhh, nudity

That's what it looks like the guy is saying as he stands, arms akimbo, sans clothing save for a pair of white bikini briefs.

This is another quickie experiment with a new brush, ironically called Old Brush Ink. I decided to use one of the many drawing references I save here in Instagram, too. I generally try to draw everything from my head if it’s in a more stylized form (like these ink sketches) but sometimes I’ll draw from references just to keep learning about anatomy. I’ll use the pics as a guide only and change features and details as I wish. Strangely, I’ll sometimes change things because they don’t look right in the sketch even if the anatomy is real and right there in front of me! This was based on a shot of Andrei Ziehe, but I changed pretty much everything by stylizing it all.

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