Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reality Bits

Wedesdays are Reality TV days - with Project Runway and Top Design back to back on the tube. I decided to take out a sketchbook that I had pulled from a work photoshoot (because I drew on it for the shot and it was essentially used and unsellable) and decided to sketch while watching tv. And thank goodness for Kelly Wearstler on Top Design - the woman is the closest thing the US has to an English eccentric. Her hat and blouse outfit for a Top Design challenge was perfectly me. So I had to draw it.
I also sketched Jerell's outfit from Project Runway. Well, I kinda did. I had a brushy sharpie, so it seemed fashion illustrations were the way to go.


frogponder said...

Your version of Kelly doesn't make my skin itch like the original.

George G said...

Oh, I LOOOOVE the woman. I like people who go out on a limb fashion-wise - I'm kinda the same way. Just not as pretty.

Although I probably like my voice better. ;-)