Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Critter Swarm, 3

The yellow Cockatooka on the side was one of Joanne's creations, I think. They had such a huge crest on their heads that their tiny wings couldn't steer them in flight, so they ended up always getting blown off course. They would always have an angry expression on their faces when they landed, followed by a, "Where the hell did I end up NOW?!" thought. The Queebee on the right was also constntly confused, because it was half parrot, half potato, and didn't know whether it should fly or root itself to the ground.

Yes, we came up with a ton of these things throughout high school and college. We had a LOT of free time.


Anonymous said...

So hilarious. Hey, is the bouncing cat referencing the stock market? As in "dead cat bounce"

(I'm sure it wasn't, but the verbiage "bouncing cat" made me think of that phrase...God, I'm weird.)

In any event, great to see you back to joviality!! You must be feeling better. FYI - I referenced you in my blog with full credit for your fabulous sketches:

Thanks again, and, "welcome back"!!!

George G said...

Thanks, and man, am I'm glad to be on the mend!

Joanne said...

yes, the critters have healing powers! the original line of the cockatooka was, "Alright, where AM I?" i think i still have the original drawing! you can check the scans i sent you several months back, it must've been there.

i love the potato-parot thingy.

Critter City lives!