Friday, August 28, 2009


My new work schedule has resulted in me doing craptastic drawings - I'm in bed hours earlier (and more tired!) than I ever used to be, and the energy levels show in my work of late. I haven't done a really full-on piece lately, but I suppose I should be thankful I'm doing anything t all and keeping up with the daily drawing. This was Wednesday's piece. Or lack thereof.


Joanie said...

Funny, other than taking a few craptastic photos of my dining room table and chairs, I've not taken my camera out for a spin in ages because I'm so busy with editing.

What is it about work killing every last creative urge we could possibly have? (Actually, I've been sketching out a painting, so I guess it's not a total wash)

Hope work lets up for you a bit.

George G said...

Well, I have a creative job and there's only so much creative energy one can muster on any given day.