Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old School, done

This is more than a tad nostalgic. It's so not forward sketching nor design, but it's an exercise in revisiting my history. I wonder if my mom would have approved of the rendering, or if she would have had some corrections for me still (as she always did!)? There was always something that could be improved.

I didn't know how to accessorize this in any way that would have made it more palatable to the present day, and it's definitely in the vein of a Butterick or Vogue Pattern style illustration, as opposed to any particularly editorial fashion illustration. But ironically, that was always the gold standard for me when doing these renderings way back when -- Mom used to say my figures were too made up, or too stylized, or had huge breasts (ha!). It was always about being so clean and demure back in Manila, in a way that made it more understandable for Filipino sensibilities. And it's not the best sketch by any stretch to my mind now, but it's Old School... and that's cool, I guess. :)


Joanie said...

Wonderfully late 80s.

Mary Manese said...

Also, remember the market we catered to back then. Socialites, (and climbers ha!) and society matrons and their children. Pretty old school, old money, pretty conservative. So she wanted to "temper" the artiste in you. :) Miss her dearly.