Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tessa, Revisited

I had wanted to continue drawing /inking my Tessa mini origin story that I started back in college, but when I went back to look for the pages I had done in 2010, I discovered that the inks I had made back then were suddenly gone. No amount of searching turned up the original artwork, save for the exported, low-rez gifs I used to post here. Undaunted, I decided to just redo them, and in my current style, regardless of the pencils I had put down originally. I suppose I was going to use them as breakdowns instead of finished pencils, mostly because they weren't finished anyhow, and I wanted to just draw the way I draw now. Heck, if I try to recreate how I drew back in the 80s, I'd never finish this! And it's already over 22 years old!

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