Monday, July 2, 2012


I was hoping to draw some fashion illustration based on inspiration from some of today's couture shows. However, while I have a specific technique in mind, I didn't have a look planned, and I thought I would find one just by sketching. I didn't, and went on a different tangent, just trying to make a woman's face that I deemed looked real.

I take great pride in drawing faces from scratch, because a lot of fashion illustrators nowadays draw just by copying photos of models. And while I recognize the skill in doing so, it doesn't make me feel it's very creative, or for that matter, original. I suppose I'm from the comic book school of drawing, where you figured out how to render a face, and draw them on your own. I think she turned out nicely, so I decided to name her and just be done with the pencil portrait instead of trying to do the full drawing (which I may still do once I suss out the model's styling). She kinda reminds me of Bruna Tenorio.

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