Friday, June 19, 2009

Storm Again

I used to draw Storm so much when I was a child, and I still love the character. But I had an epiphany about why I do. It had a lot to do with her righteous anger, and how I wanted to feel empowered the way she seemed to be in the face of adversaries. I was gay, a minority, and back in the 70s, so was she... not only a woman, but a black woman, yet she was the most powerful and feared of the X-men. She possessed a self-confidence I didn't have in my childhood, both from who I was to how I related to people (certain family members in particular). It all kind of fell into place when I thought about things recently. Gay men the world over are known to fall for divas, but Storm's power and often wrathful displays of it against her opponents added an element that I never realized - the right to be angry, the right to fight back. It wasn't until yesterday that I realize I've coveted that all throughout my life.... assuming my theory is to be believed.

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