Thursday, June 25, 2009


I think this drawing is getting overworked. I had no desire to finish it properly but when I saw how far off her right eye was, I started to tinker and then kept at it but with no real direction. So I think this may be the last we see of least this drawing of her.

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Joanie said...

someone recently commented on a photo I took of my daughter, asking what was wrong with her right eye. "Why is it bigger than her left?" I had to laugh because my child has a habit of raising her eyebrow to a ridiculous level and it does, indeed, make her eye look wonky. Somehow, I find it as endearing as I find it frustrating. She's a lovely girl who just doesn't want the world to know. I think she could do with a superhero costume or two.

Hmm, there you go. If I win the lottery, I'll commission you to turn her into a superhero, resplendent in purple. With shoulder pads (like the football player she is on occasion) and a tool belt (since she also fixes cars). Guess I'd better go buy a ticket.