Monday, September 28, 2009

Dark Redux Redux

The problem with improving drawings is that when parts get better, other parts have to step up as well... so it becomes this endless cycle of revision. Although I'm liking this much better - a lot of the superfluous lines have been eliminated, and it's looking very old school but still updated.


Joanie said...

At first I was going to disagree with you and say I liked the last one better, but after going back and forth between the two repeatedly, I definitely like this rendering more. The boldness and contrast work in its favor.

By the way, may I ask why you changed the left hand (her's, that is)? It's subtle but it works better for me. Not sure I can say why though.

Justin said...

Mmmm... asparagus.

I love when you leave it loose/abstracty.

George G said...

More hollandaise, Ms.Phoenix?

Well, I've gotten the Mark Silvestri reference a lot. Which is odd since I never set out to look like him.