Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Magic Pencil

While taking a conference call today, I pulled one of a bunch of these multi-colored pencils that we were using more as display pieces. My coworker Alton asked me if I liked them, but since I had never really used these versions before, I decided to try them out. Can't say I love the randomness of the colors (nor the very basic, almost primary range) but it certainly makes for interestingly possibilities.


Joanie said...

George, you make the most beautiful lemonade.

I wish you lived closer. I'd take you to Islands where they give you four crayons (red, yellow, blue, and green) and I guarantee you'd create a masterpiece. Hey, if I can draw multiple hibiscus on a plaid background I created and have the whole place ooohing and aaaahing, you could end up with free food for a week and a walk to paint.

Yeah, you're that talented, no matter the medium.

George G said...

Thanks Joanie - for this and all your comments of late.

And she's looking SOOOO 80s, isn't she?

Justin said...

Love this one, too. Once again, loose and energetic and slightly abstract wins the day.