Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dark Redux

I've been wanting to do detail work rather than these quick sketches I've posted of late, but that would require finishing a piece more completely than I seem capable of lately. I did find an older piece to touch up, and I like the improvements (minimal as they may seem) a lot. It's my old-school, John Byrne-esque rendition of Dark Phoenix form the 80s, but with a bit of Adam Hughes shading in the body thrown in, as well as a Dave Cockrum-inspired DP effect (from Kitty's Fairy Tale). Can you X-fans from way back tell what I'm referencing?


Mehmet said...

Look great! I think ur referencing to rogue? Am i wrong?

George G said...

Sorry mehmet, totally wrong :) - I meant all the artist references I mentioned in the blog entry. It's Dave Cockrum's renditon of the Dark Phoenix with extended flames/energy from the logo, Byrne's version of Kirby crackle and Adam Hughes' bodyglove shading.

Joanie said...

Fantastic! I can't reference anyone but you, so can I just say (again) -- FANTASTIC!