Friday, December 30, 2011

Tessa, Page 5

This over-20-year-old comic strip will get inked and finished before I die, I swear!

I think part of the problem is no matter how much I think otherwise, I try to 'respect' the old pencils, but they're actually only breakdowns and should be redrawn extensively! Ah, still, I don't want it to change too much, as there's an honesty to this old story that was so true of me and my work at the time.

Also, soooo stupid! haha!

For those of you wondering what this is from, old school X-men fans may recall when Sage used to be called Tessa. My friends and I thought up a silly origin story here. And if you're a reaally old X-men fan, you'll know that this page is in homage to this layout by Dave Cockrum, from Uncanny X-men issue#94. :)

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