Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bobby, Interpreted

I did a sketch a couple of months back of a new friend, Bobby (who is also a professional runway model) and I went to revisit his photos. There was something so easy about his features that after I made my selections and shut down the pic files, I was channeling his profile in a totally extemporaneous drawing without referring to the pics at all. In some ways he's very much the aesthetic I grew up drawing, based off of Antonio Lopez profiles I grew up admiring.

When you start of drawing, sometimes you have an idea in your head about where you want to go. This was totally spur of the moment, and I liked how the lines formed so much that I didn't feel like they needed further fleshing out.

1 comment:

Joanie said...

He has beautiful features. Either that or you've made him beautiful. (A little of both, perhaps?)