Friday, July 24, 2009

Chalky Croquis

I started out doing a croquis but didn't know what to make it wear. In the end I latched on to an outfit I vaguely remember from a woman on the street, but the fact that she was a quirky, petite Asian woman seemed to make the outfit much more interesting than it turned out on this poor wannabee model I have here. I guess I was trying to draw like I see many fashion illustrators draw - all gesture and less refinement. It's a good thing to see if I can do, but ultimately it doesn't appeal to me, nor does it look very much like a style I want to pursue.

But I kinda like the roughness of the technique - I like how free the chalk tool makes me feel. Now I'll have to decide on drawing something actually worth saving - this one looks TACKY, haha!

1 comment:

Joanie said...

Is it weird that I like the way her hand sort of hides behind her hip?