Thursday, July 2, 2009


On Saturday I tried to go to the gym and just ... move a bit. Not much, just some ab and stretches, just to get out of the apartment. I certainly felt better then. But by Sunday I wasn't feeling as great, but still good enough to get on the computer for a few minutes. I've decided that my posture on the computer was aggravating my neck, so I've been moving things around on my desk trying to find an optimal position for everything. I was able to spent a few minutes drawing this, inspired by the hairstyle of hot new model, Iris Stubegger, who I found out about by an issue of Vogue someone left at the gym.


Joanie said...

Feel better soon! I hope this is just a temporary ache and nothing serious. Of course, if you don't feel better within the next week, time to see a doc. /nurse lecture

Joanie said...

warm water on the shoulder followed by gentle (and I do mean gentle!) stretches. Then, frozen veggies on the shoulder. Thrice a day.

Now, Magenta...I like her.