Thursday, July 16, 2009


I woke up this morning realizing I hadn't done any drawing for yesterday. Damn that tequila!

As I was going through my blogs (I have a host of them to read through every morning) I saw Burberry Prorsum's pre-Fall line previewed, and was struck how the stances were so fashion illustration-y. So I did one of them. Never mind the fact that Christopher Bailey is trying to bring back bell bottoms (ugh, again?!?!).

There's something about the choice of medium that allowed for freer-flowing lines. I couldn't do this with a pen - chalk (digital or otherwise) seemed the most appropos.


Anonymous said...


Ok, WHAT the hell is up with the crotch level of the Burberry slacks? I'm really not loving them! A lot of nice stuff otherwise, though!

George G said...

Yeah. Drop crotch mania. I already have 5 pairs of pants like this so I don't need any more. :)