Sunday, April 15, 2012

After July, Rebooted

Seems like the direction I was going was too simple for the intended client, so I'm redoing it in an older, more painterly style not unlike one I did for model David Gandy years ago. Let's hope this turns out as well! These are just the initial tones daubed on to my pencil sketch, and hopefully it will revert to looking like the model again once I get them more refined.


shazza fox said...

I'm wondering who that is suppose to be. Currently it is the spitting image of Noah Mills. If you are trying to capture David, you need to start over and pay more attention to the nose and lips. The top lip is too full and the nose? Plus, the eyes are blue, not gray.

George G said...

Actually, you got it right, which is gratifying since I'm trying to hide his identity since it isn't published yet. Good eye! And yay me for getting a likeness.

I merely mention David Gandy because I have to retool my original technique from a few days ago and make it more like the Gandy painting I did in 2008, which is linked in the blog entry copy. The colors right now are merely underpainting, so the real tones should be worked in as I develop it more. :)