Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fashion Illustration Meetup 04.15.12

My favorite piece (and last) of the day
 I attended the monthly Fashion Illustration Meetup once again, and today was one of those days when things just seemed to work. The model was great as usual, but the clothing this time around was clean and simple, mostly black and white. It made creating illustrations simpler, as then I could use the time editing my shapes versus trying to create detail. Christopher, one of the moderators, took photos of my pieces for me, and since his camera is much better than mine, I'll just wait until I get those shots in my email so I can upload them.

Didn't love my angle, but I wasn't about to shift places and lose time.
Not my favorite since the angle was pretty odd and detail-free,
but I liked my brushwork, as it helped get me to the final one above.
I was thinking this is very Miguel Angel in style/color ;)

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