Monday, April 23, 2012

P is for Portrait

My friend's portrait was pretty close to done, I think. Since I was working on a similar digital portrait for a male model recently, my friend's request to finally get a file of this piece caused me to take a critical eye at it even if I previously thought might be finished. But with the new Photoshop that I didn't have around the time I last touched this painting, it ended up getting smoothed over a lot, not unlike previous pieces I've done before. Now it's almost done now. Heh.


Joanie said...

Are you going to tell us what he thought?

Also, hope you're feeling better from your recent procedure.

George G said...

Thanks Joanie, I am feeling better.

My friend loves it. Very much so, actually. He can't imagine why I still need to fix it but being the perfectionist I am, I can't help myself!