Friday, December 7, 2012

Naturally, Done

I had to take a break from all the web work, but I still didn't have the wherewithal to do something new, so I figured, let's polish off this piece once and for all. I removed the undone bits and decided to render it fully. I'm reminded of how I saw the strokes of Frank Frazetta. Ah, if I had only known when I was young that I would grow into those strokes, and that the ease with which the artists I looked up to drew, might be seen in some of my own work. I think people take note of my line, and I never thought much of it before, but it's my own.


Zapanta-Andrada said...

I remember Frank Frazzeta so well George! And then there was this fashion illustrator of "A Hundere and One Nights" (Antonio?)

George G said...

Oh, I have that book still. It's by Antonio Lopez, my idol for watercolor fashion work!