Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breast In Show

Once upon a time, I drew nothing but half-naked to naked women. It was years and years of reading Playboy as a kid (Mom was very progressive) that I credit for developing my aesthetic for the female form. Looking back on older work recently, I noticed how much I haven't drawn women, and I miss it. An old college friend sent me a drawing I did for her and the anatomy was great - something that I would have to think about a bit more now before committing to linework, and definitely just from memory with no references. So I went back into my "Crude" drawing and redid the body, since I wasn't happy with the anatomy at all. I'm happy to find that I can still draw perfect boobs with the... ahem... breast of them!

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Joanie said...

I think they're lovely. I still love Zenaida's breasts best.