Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tom & Lorenzo, Done

This year seems to be all about finishing unfinished drawings, and along with my portraits of Gareth and PJ, I thought I needed to address this drawing that I planned and kinda promised two years ago.

closeup view of the finished portraits.

Background story: two years ago, my friends Tom and Lorenzo thought that their blog needed to be upgraded, as they were changing their strategy as their audience grew, so they needed an update. I took some pics of them in my living room during their last visit to my apartment. They had since gotten really busy with that aspect of their lives and we haven't met up since. I don't know if this is even on target for how their blog has evolved in the past two years, but this is the idea I originally had. There were going to be a couple of other variations with costume changes and different backgrounds, but still with the same faces (hence the extra detail in their portraits). But considering how much work went into finishing this, I think this may be done, done, done.


Joanne said...

ooooo this is awesome! did you draw them freehand or did you photoshop over actual photos?

George G said...

Freehand. I don't trace!

Joanie said...

This is spectacular! The full image is absolutely perfect. They'd kind of be crazy not to use it.