Tuesday, January 3, 2012


You know, I often say that I only have enough creative energy in me for a finite amount of effort, and after spending the day baking yet again, I found I had no energy to draw. Of course, I could still be in the throes of a post-holiday letdown. Hopefully I'll feel inspired to do better illustration soon. This one started out as a costume design sketch that later just got left half baked, possibly because I spent the evening baking.

But hey, at least I'm still drawing everyday - and I didn't celebrate it, but January 1st marks the 5th year of this blog! Can you imagine? I've posted an entry for every day of the past 5 years! I don't know many (if any!) blogs that can say that. Granted, it's not always quality work, but I daresay I've had some nice pieces over the past 5 years.

Anyone following this, I'd love to hear back about what you may want me to draw. Sometimes it's more fun to do what other people want to see. Can't promise I'll get to all requests, but some of them might be interesting challenges!

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