Sunday, January 29, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect Storm 2

Okay, it's official: I quite like this retro-new style for drawing comics characters. The inks remind me of Tom Palmer, whose inks I never liked in the past because they were often too gritty and alterna-looking, but I'm liking this more 'indie-cartoonist' style for me. Adding a bit of a graphic edge to it makes it more my own. All my life I've tried to draw like other artists, because that's what I saw online. I'd been most compared recently to Marc Silvestri because my lines were rougher, but this is a nice diversion from when I try to draw more realistically. I recall Stuart Immonen, whose tight pencils were often imitated in his heydat, but then he did Next Wave in a completely different style that was style wonderfully his own. I suppose I can own more than one style.

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