Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taking Shape Now

Tuesday I went to the Man Show, a trade show that happens concurrently with Capsule, the main menswear trade show in NYC, and I visited the booth of Hope Stockholm. I'm a fan of their clothing style, as it's easy, urban and still fashion forward without being too in your face - great for everyday when you don't necessarily want to make a statement, but will appear forward to anyone in menswear who'd be in the know. Oversized tees, relaxed, carrot-fit cropped trousers and softer, almost unstructured jackets all read Easy. Dennis, one of the sales people, was wearing an outfit I just wanted to live in, head to toe. They're presenting the look for next Fall but I've already been looking for pieces and silhouettes like this since I went for more relaxed, silhouettes back in 2009 - 2010. I already have a few pieces like this, just need to round out the outfits...

edit: I just remembered I had already taken note of this silhouette earlier last year, here and here. I suppose I'm nothing if not consistent.

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