Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's the Men's FW2012 shows in Paris right now, so the fashionable me is looking for fresh inspiration and/or confirmation of my own fashion instincts, but the illustrator in me is looking at line and form. I've always loved well-drawn walking figures, both male and female. I think it's the hardest thing to get done naturally, to make it feel like you capture just the right motion of the body, and do so in a way that looked natural and effortless. I always admired Paul Smith's ability to do so in his oh-too-short run on Uncanny X-men decades ago. And in the late 90s, I got a taste of how difficult it was to animate a walk cycle (and I wish I kept those animated pieces from that Lancaster Suncare disc I designed). So when I see a shot online where the walk just looks normal, I need to use it as a reference. This one is from a shot from NowFashion, from the Hermes FW2012 show. I changed a few details of teh man's features, but tried my best to capture the walk.

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