Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rachel Grey

I decided that the face I started drawing a few days ago didn't need to become some sort of pin-up art, and perhaps it could just as easily become a comic book head shot. Inspired by the simplicity of some of the work of John Paul Leon (whose style doesn't look like this at all, mind you, but it was inspired by him nonetheless), I retooled it into Rachel Grey, whom X-men fans would know as the second Phoenix.

My digital drawings are feeling rudimentary lately, as I get used to Photoshop and acclimatize myself to the newer painting features, at the same time as I reject the non-responsiveness of my older programs which seem sluggish now in comparison.


tunasammiches said...

this is so beautiful george. great work.
-mike segawa

George G said...

Thanks Mike - coming from you that means a lot!