Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anime Dale, Done

I tried to get as many anime tropes in there as possible. Scarf? Check. Spiky hair? Check. Flowy garments? Check. Lens flare and glowy effects? Okay, I suppose, subject to improvement. But it's done for now. Voila, Anime mage Dale Cooper, i.e. Longinus (his choice of name, by the by). My, what a long spear you have, Mr.Cooper...

edit: A bit of a backstory: the reason for this whole anime rendition of Dale Cooper was an extensive conversation between myself and the nascent adult thespian (I've seen him in a movie - he really does act! ;)) about our mutual love of anime. So I tried to render him in such a way that he looked somewhat like himself while staying true to the style, admittedly with mixed results in the likeness department. But it was a fun project nevertheless.

While the anime mage Dale is here, you can see the somewhat less cartoony but no less spellbinding real life Dale Cooper via his rather quirky, arguably NSFW website, Dale Does Porn.

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