Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Meetup

Went to a Fashion Illustration Meetup again at The Center nearby, and our model was the ever sleek Tomo. I didn't do too well with my sketches, as many were unfinished or had glaring mistakes.
Two minute warmup sketches which I didn't like while I was doing them, but they look fine a day later... especially for 2 minutes sketches. This one below I had time to ink a bit, and then I went back into it during a lull and inked it a bit more, which I normally don't do because my policy is "Done is Done." When a sketching session is over, the sketch is done. It may not be finished, but it's done. :)

I went even further and colored it in in Photoshop.

I did have one or two elements I really liked, and one piece that I did like overall, which is this one with the heart sweater.

I used a small, square tip brush for the first time, and it was interesting how it affected my rendering style. It's different, I don't necessarily recognize it as mine, but it reminds me a lot of Bil Donovan (who I was channeling all the time I used my watercolors and inks, by the by). Which is not to say I have anywhere near the skill or talent he has, but I suppose it helps me to keep a goal in mind. :) In fact, the solid colors in this stocking and shoe combo (hated the rest of the painting) really made me think I was getting my Bil on. I'm so influenced, haha!

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