Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Queer Man's Erotic Drawing Salon

I went to a session of this ongoing drawing workshop tonight, for the first time in years. I used to go almost every week, but I soon got tired of the subject matter. But tonight I wanted to go do watercolors, something I have never had the confidence to do with nudes before. I think I did okay, but I only got two sketches that I like enough to post, and even those have their issues. Will photograph and upload them tomorrow when there's more light in my apartment.

Edit: uploads below...

Hate how the I rendered the tricep in this one, but the rest was fun enough. I think I spent too much time (as I often do) trying to get a likeness. But methinks - for watercolor -it was a great exercise.

Close up of the face. I was painting this one without any initial pencils whatsoever, and with that in mind, I think the face turned out well.

This was my first watercolor of the evening, and arguably the most successful, especially for 20 minutes. Here's a closeup of the portrait:

The initial warmup illustration for the evening, at 10 minutes. I was sloooooooow!

I have a feeling the subject matter just doesn't work for me anymore.Once upon a time, I used the lure of sexuality to goad me into drawing, but that's worn thin. Even after a two year hiatus, I wasn't as enthused as I'd hope I'd be. Ah well...

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