Monday, February 27, 2012

Peekaboo 3

I'd forgotten I'd begun this piece some time ago, and when I saw it again last night, I wondered what I was originally planning for the color scheme. In the end, time has passed, and I was inspired by the whiteness of yesterday's Tom Ford red carpet outfit, so that's what I did for this initial color blocking. It helps that I was planning on making her blond anyhow, if I recall correctly. And it may still change - I think I saw her clothing as orange originally, but I do like the contrast between these light, neutral tones and the dark shades I seem to favor of late - see Miranda Zero from two days ago.

I'm planning on turning this into a tutorial for the digital meetup that I sometimes attend, at the behest of its moderator. Laying in the colors usually shows me where the linework may need to be adjusted, as volumes become more evident, and adjustments may need to be made, as I've done here. And I think both arms may still need adjusting, but I'm done for the evening...

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