Monday, February 6, 2012

F.I.T. (Fashion Illustration Tonight)

I went to a fashion sketching session at F.I.T. under Professor Broadway. Taking my recent experiments further, I found myself reaching for my watercolors and not even wanting to draw outlines with a pencil first. I think the new style is coming along nicely, although I can certainly see where I'm cribbing techniques from David Downton and Bil Donovan. Still, as far as homages go, I can take lessons from worse. Will upload pics when I can shoot them in daylight - since I don't have a scanner, it will be better for getting color and detail, methinks.

Edit: Now that I've uploaded the pics, I'm wondering whether or not I even need to post all of these... but they're all significant in the way that I took chances when I did them - some of them I just began painting directly with no pre-sketch, and I'm allowing myself a backpat for being fearless enough to try new things. That said, I wasn't so enthusiastic about the models nor the clothing, but I suppose concentrating on one thing at a time (tehcnique, in this case) is enough of an exercise. Hopefully this means my style may go somewhere and actually develop...

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